Facility Planning Updates

UPDATE: 12-20-18

MRC Sidewalk As many of you are aware the Methodist Retirement Community (MRC) worked with the church to fund and build a connecting sidewalk between the Langford and the north sanctuary parking lot.  This ten foot wide sidewalk, associated retaining wall and rough grading have been completed.  Although many residents of the Langford have been using the sidewalk since it was placed several months ago, the overall project is much closer to being finished.  The FPT continues to coordinate with representatives from MRC on items remaining to be completed, i.e., final grading along Carroll Fancher and the church property, hydromulching, and other small construction details. This sidewalk serves yet as another physical connection between the church and our community.  We do encourage anyone using the sidewalk, until the grass is re-established to be aware and cautious of dirt and mud which can make it very slippery.

UPDATE: 12-17-18

Big House -The Phase 1 Truss Repair contract was awarded to BB Construction on a competitive bids basis in October.  The FPT was able to negotiate with BB a Not To Exceed cost reimbursable agreement with all savings to be retained by Christ UMC. 

The work effort [planned for 8 weeks; to be completed by December 21] was initiated on October 29 and completed November 15 [2 weeks and 4 days].  Substantial savings will accrue to Christ UMC as a result of this successful work effort.  Kudos to David Kellam who lead the effort for Christ UMC and BB Construction for their timely and safe performance.

Gessner Engineering conducted a detailed inspection of the completed work on November 16th and will issue a formal letter stating that the facility has been repaired as designed and is safe to occupy.  Hallelujah!!!

Gessner was also released on November 16th to proceed with the Phase 2 design [gable truss and the choir loft roof], and we accepted their design on December 14th.  The plan is to complete the Phase 2 repair work after we have ensured coordination with GFF Architects for the design of the renovation.

On December 14th, we also received initial images from GFF for the Big House Schematic Design, as you can see in the drawing section. (Pictured below) We look forward to continuing the design process right after the first of the year!

UPDATE (1 of 2): 12-03-18

Streets - Lakeway Driveway was poured on Thursday, November 29th.  The sidewalks work is progressing nicely.  Larry Young Paving anticipates the City Streets [and our driveways] opening late January.

UPDATE (2 of 2): 12-03-18

Master Plan - Stephen Pickard of GFF met with the Church Facilities Leadership Team on Thursday, 11/29, to advance the Master planning in two key areas: Annex space planning to accommodate Children and Nursery growth, while also meeting the needs of Youth, Adults and Admin, and tabling initial design parameters for AVLA [Audio, Visual, Lighting and Acoustics] for the Big House and the Contemporary Worship space.  Custom Sound Design, the AVLA consultant, led by David McCauley, Principal, facilitated a planning session with the Christ UMC team and then toured the Big House and the Annex to get a feel for those spaces.  

UPDATE: 11-26-18

Lakeway Driveway Work Continues! - The contractor will begin pouring concrete today for the new driveway. Work will also begin on the sidewalk and modifications to the accessible parking outside the Youth area.  The contractor is scheduled to finish their work this week, but this means access to the Youth Porch from the parking lot will be limited and there will be periodic barricades preventing access through the parking lot in the area. Please watch for barricades, men and equipment.



UPDATE: 11-19-18

Lakeway Driveway work has begun! - The streets contractor began excavation for the new driveway on Monday, November 19. Please watch for men and equipment on the Youth side of our campus.

UPDATE: 11-12-18

Driveways - Thanks to all of you [and the voters!] who put up with the traffic barriers on our main drive this week.  The good news is that the Pebble Creek Parkway driveway has been completed and so have the modifications to the islands at that entrance.  There will be no traffic barricades on the main drive this week, but depending on weather work will begin on the Lakeway Drive this week, and there will be some intermittent barricades at the back of our campus near the Youth Area. So, please watch for the barricades, heed the traffic control signs, watch for workers, and thank you for your continuing cooperation with the construction effort. 



UPDATE (1 of 2): 11-05-18

Big House Structural Repairs are Underway! - Repairs got underway on October 29 to restore the structural integrity of the Big House Roof Support Structure.  Two construction crews are working 5 days a week shoring up the trusses with plans to complete Phase 1 of the repairs no later than December 21st.  David Kellam is leading the coordination for the Facilities Planning Team in working with the BB Construction Team. 

UPDATE (2 of 2): 11-05-18

Driveway and Streets Construction has Begun - Larry Young Paving has made good progress on the construction of Pebble Creek Parkway [PCP] and was able to begin productive work November 5th on the island and paving alterations required for the new driveway connecting PCP to the Christ UMC campus.  There will be traffic rerouting on the south side of the campus for the next couple of weeks, and then again later when the work on the driveway from Lakeway Drive begins.

Please heed the traffic signs and watch for the workers, and we will finish as soon as possible

UPDATE: 11-01-18

Streets Traffic Rerouting Beginning Monday, November 5The Contractor for our Streets Project will begin construction activities related to the Pebble Creek Parkway driveway beginning Monday, November 5.  The Traffic Control Plan is to close our south entrance from the feeder early Monday morning through Saturday noon to allow contractor access and work space.  All weekday traffic will be required to use one of the other two entrances from the feeder.  There will be signs at the closed entrance and barricades at that entrance, at the south exit of the SFLP Parking Lot and across both lanes just east of the drive to the Sanctuary front door.  The Plan for this phase should be in effect no more than two weeks.  Thank you for your understanding and patience with this project effort!

UPDATE: 10-25-18

(1) Our Facilities Leadership Team held a meeting with GFF Architects on Wednesday, October 24th, to formally kickoff the schematic design efforts for both Big House and the Master Plan Phase 1. We are underway! Watch for future updates as the process moves into this next phase.

(2) The contractor putting in the new driveways will begin working on Monday, October 29th. He will start with demolition and paving on the main entrance from the freeway. Although no traffic rerouting is anticipated at this stage, PLEASE use CAUTION, abide by signs and cones, and help ensure worker safety.

(3) The contractor who will be doing truss remediation inside the Big House will also begin working on Monday, October 29th. There should be no disruption to traffic or the SFLP (School For Little People) with this work.



Master Plan Phase 1 and Big House Reconstruction

Approved for schematic design


You might ask “WHY did Christ UMC decide to undertake a Master Plan, and WHY now?”, and those are good questions.  Aside from the fact that we have not done a Campus Master Plan since 2013, when the concern with the Big House Roof Structure in the Fall of 2017 caused us to close Big House on November 1, we knew it was time to relook at our overall plan. In considering the plan for how Big House should be reconstructed, we asked ourselves “What is the long-term use of Big House intended to be?”  In pursuing the answer to that question, we were prompted to ask the larger question of space utilization across the campus, and how Big House would fit into that plan.  Our goal has been to ensure that whatever we spend to reconstruct Big House is consistent with its long-term use in an overall Plan.

We established a leadership team, set some objectives, interviewed four architectural firms, visited representative projects and selected GFF Architects to lead the Master Planning effort.

Christ UMC has been engaged in a Campus Master Planning Process since February 2018. The planning effort has been guided by GFF Architects, with broad participation from Staff, all areas of ministry within the church and the Facilities Planning Team.  Input has been solicited through a variety of interchanges, most broadly in the Needs Analysis Workshop of April 4-5, which included staff and lay counterparts representing each area of ministry, as well as general leadership representatives of the congregation. 

The Workshop opened our eyes to 3 Emerging Trends in Churches Today, and more importantly, that Christ UMC may not stack up very well against those trends, which are:

  1. High Quality Kids Space - Growing churches have High Quality Kids Space.  Conversely, churches without High Quality Kids Space typically are not growing. 
  2. Gathering / Connection Space- A minimum size of 75% of Worship Seating Space, more commonly, at least 1:1. Serves as a “hub” space that connects all facets of the church’s ministries, and easy access to Children’s Ministry offerings. 
  3. A Range of Options for Worship, typically 2-3- For example, Traditional, Contemporary and maybe a 3rd Congregation. 

We took GFF’s counsel to heart, they took the objectives and needs from our participants in the Needs Analysis Workshop, and they formulated a space needs program based on our input along with five design schemes to accommodate those needs.  We evaluated those schemes, made a selection to recommend and convened another meeting of an expanded Workshop Team to consider the options.

The Large Group Meeting of August 20 was given a presentation that included an overview of the planning process, the recommendation to adopt one of the five Schemes evaluated and a specific recommendation for a Phase 1 program. The feedback from the group expanded the recommendation to include a larger Gathering Space, and the revised Plan was presented to Town Hall Meetings on September 20 and 23, at which attendees numbered 42 and 67, respectively.  Feedback comments at all three venues were positive in the adoption of the Scheme 1 that consolidates ministries in the Annex.  This alignment then defines the purpose of the Big House to be a multipurpose space, rather than, say, a contemporary worship space. 

The next step for both the Master Plan and Big House is to proceed with Schematic Design so that the design can be further defined, enabling better construction costs estimates and thereby presenting to the congregation more realistic definitions and costs of various design and construction alternatives. A second key product of the SD process is architectural perspectives that will aid the congregation in visualizing the facilities being designed and assisting in fundraising efforts to support the Plan.

Three Resolutions were approved unanimously by the Council on September 27 and then by the Board of Stewards on October 7 to:

  1. Adopt Master Plan Scheme 1 to consolidate programs and ministries in the Annex.  By affirming consolidation in the Annex, the purpose of Big House is affirmed to be rebuilt as a multipurpose space, allowing the design of Big House to begin immediately.  This is a strategic direction decision that required no funding.
  2. Proceed with the Schematic Design phase of the Master Plan by contracting with the architectural firm GFF for the building design services. This decision approved limited funding for the Schematic Design Phase only.
  3. Proceed with the Schematic Design phase of the urgently needed Big House reconstruction by contracting with the architectural firm GFF for the building design services.  Big House will necessarily move forward on a more aggressive schedule than the Master Plan.  This decision also approved limited funding for the Schematic Design Phase only.

We expect to authorize the design Contracts with GFF by October 22 and initiate planning and programming meetings on both projects in the coming weeks.

Once the pricing and design information is in hand, it is the next steps of approval where construction/capital funding will be addressed:

  1. A Church Conference [full congregation] approval on the Master Plan Phase 1.  This is planned to be late 1st Quarter 2019.
  2. Board of Stewards approval of the reconstruction plan for the Big House. This can hopefully be by mid-1st Quarter 2019.

Questions about the Master Plan and Big House Reconstruction can be directed to our Facilities Planning Team Co-chair, Richard Oates at richmargroup@earthlink.net.

Please continue to be in prayer for clarity and discernment of how the Lord is leading Christ UMC to respond to His call to “Make Disciples to Make Disciples” in our community and beyond, and your own calling to support the plan to help Christ UMC respond to the needs of our congregation and community.

Fred Bingaman, Board of Stewards

October 18, 2018