Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible?

Maybe you have, but then you looked at the size of that Book, and you never started, because it was too daunting a task.

We invite you to join many others at Christ UMC in a 90-day journey through the Bible.

With this plan, you will read the entire Bible, cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation, in just 90 days. We hope that the provided materials will help you write down the thoughts, reflections, revelations, and inspiration that the Holy Spirit gives you during the upcoming 90 days.

Here are a few ideas that we believe will help you along the way during this amazing journey:

1. If you are in a small group, invite the group to join you in this journey, and, as a group, discuss what you've read when your group gets together.

2. If you are not in a small group, form a group of those who want to read the Bible in 90 days and do it together.

3. Ask 1 or 2 other people to take this journey with you and form a small accountability group.

4. Schedule a time to read each day. Don't expect that the time will just appear. Be deliberate in setting aside the time you need to read the daily scriptures. It requires about 30-45 minutes of reading each day. One 90-day journeyer said, "If you get behind, don't give up and don't quit! Use the weekend to catch up!"

5. Pray before you start reading each day, asking God to speak to you during your reading.

We believe this 90-day journey will change your life!

So take 30 each day, and get ready for a blessing! 




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