New Thursday Night Worshipping Community. Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lakeway?

Lakeway is the Thursday night worshipping community of Christ United Methodist Church. It is open to all the people God loves—skeptics and believers, seniors and children, Methodists and Atheists, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans—in other words, everyone!


Where does Lakeway meet?

 We meet in the Annex building of Christ United Methodist Church, in the Youth Worship space. Christ Church is located at 4201 State Hwy 6 S in College Station.


What should I wear?

Come in your Thursday best. If you’re coming from work, we’ll see you in your blazer and khakis. If you’re coming from soccer practice, no need to take off your shin guards. If you’re coming from campus, bring your backpack. Wear whatever you would usually wear on a Thursday evening.


What about my kids?

Our nursery is available for children up to 4 years old. If your child is older than 4, we encourage you to bring them with you to Lakeway. We have children’s tables set up at the back of the worship space with activities for them to enjoy. If they want to run and be rowdy, let them run and be rowdy. If they want to sit and color, let them sit and color. We all worship in different ways!


What should I expect in worship?

You’ll find both modern and ancient elements in each Lakeway service. We’ll sing modern worship songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar. You’ll hear a Biblically based message that is accessible for lifelong Christians and religious skeptics. We’ll do what Christians have always done in worship—sharing the Lord’s Supper each week. Services will last about an hour long.


Who leads Lakeway?

Lakeway is led by Pastor Daniel Lumpee, Worship Leader Zach Castillo, and our Lakeway Leadership Team. If you’re interested in being a part of the Leadership Team or Volunteering in any capacity, contact Pastor Daniel.


What’s up with the name?

We chose the name “Lakeway” for both geographical and theological reasons. Geographically, Lakeway Drive will soon connect from William D. Fitch Parkway to Rock Prairie Road. It will cut directly behind Christ Church, right by the space where Lakeway worships. Theologically, the way of the lake requires boldness and trust in Jesus Christ. In Matthew 14, Peter walks on water towards Jesus. It took boldness to get out of the boat. He gets scared and begins to sink, and Jesus asks him, “why did you doubt?” The lake way, walking on water, can only happen through the power of Christ, and requires us to act boldly and to live a trusting in God.