The Bible Bucks/Branch Points Program is an incentive plan for

Christ UMC Children's Ministries

Parents - Your kids are so engaged on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  We want to encourage their spiritual growth at home and help you with tools to guide them.  Make it a part of your family time!  There is nothing better than family faith discussions and growth in Jesus Christ together.  After all that is the way God intended families to be!

What is a Bible Buck?  Bible Bucks are rewards that can be earned, saved (at the “Bible Buck Bank” in each grade level class, so that they aren’t lost at home … or the parking lot before they even get to their car!) and then redeemed at the "Bible Bucks Store", which is open every 6 weeks or so.  The store will include the much loved lollipops/candy, but it will also have other “big” items that kids can purchase: fun toys, craft items, legos, age-appropriate Bibles like the Action Bible, and more!!! 

What is a Branch Point?  Branch Points are the way “The Branch” (5th-6th graders) earn rewards.  They receive points for all the same things K-4th gets Bible Bucks for.  Branch will also earn points for attending Sunday School, Unite bible study, special events and for serving in various leadership roles in DIG Worship.  Every Sunday, upon arrival, Branch members will pull a “Disciple Tracker” sheet from the Branch file box.  They will mark the points they are earning for the day then return it back to the box.  They will also have an opportunity to sign up for a DIG worship leadership role as they come into Big House each Sunday for Children’s Worship.  Branch students will earn points towards big rewards at the end of every semester including gift cards, movie certificates, donut class parties on Sundays and a large secret mystery event for the largest point earners.

What's the point of Bible Bucks/Branch Points?  Bible Bucks are a way to encourage the children at our church to attend programs, invite friends, memorize Bible verses and other similar challenges.  The idea is similar to the prize boxes employed by many teachers in elementary schools.  Kids love to earn prizes, so why not use that to encourage them to learn more about the Bible and discipleship.   A blogger wrote, “If a child looks forward to coming to church for any reason whatsoever, God is going to do something incredible in his/her life. It is our intention to offer our youngest disciples opportunities to learn about stewardship, giving, grace, Bible verses, regularly using their bibles, bringing friends, love, forgiveness, perseverance, friendship, and most importantly, Jesus.”

How are Bible Bucks/Branch Points earned?  Bible Bucks/Branch Points can be earned by memorizing bible verses, completing bible challenges, attending sanctuary worship, attending special church events, inviting friends to church, demonstrating bible knowledge in class, showing kindness to other and much, much, more!   Some ways to earn will take place only in DIG or at church.  Other ways to earn will be done at home (some with parental help).  There are plenty of ways to earn each week!! 

Here is a breakdown of ways to earn Bible Bucks/Branch Points: (see below for more information on items with an *)

  • Memory Verse – card sent home every week (kids can earn this each week for reciting the memory verse without help.   They can earn it more than once for the same verse – repetition is key! ) = $1
  • Complete Kid’s Worship Handout from Sanctuary Worship* = $1
  • Bring their Bible to DIG = $1
  • Bring a Friend (1st time visitor only) = $5
  • Bible Challenges* = $10-30
  • Sunday School Take-home sheets (age specific sheets)* = up to $10-12 bible bucks
  • Family Movie Night Completed Devotional (there is a handout given to families at FSM – bring it back to Big House signed by parent as completed) = $5
  • Demonstrate the Fruits of the Spirit = $1/fruit (i.e. Are they showing kindness above and beyond, self-control, etc? … these can be awarded by Sunday School teachers or in Big House) 
  • Memorize Weekly Unite Verse (will be handed out to take home each week to memorize) = $1
  • Many more opportunities during Wednesday night bible study – GAMELIFE (Journal Challenges, class participations, bible study worksheets, etc)
  • Bible trivia games and many more opportunities to come…= points will vary

Kid’s Worship Handout from Sanctuary service: There are bags at the back of the sanctuary for kids attending worship with their families.  In each bag there are multiple handouts for each age level.  If a child completes their age-level handout and brings it back to Sunday School the next time in attendance, they will get a Buck/Point.  They get rewarded for paying attention during the service and thinking about the sermon topic that day!

Bible Challenges:  We present the kids with Bible Challenges throughout the year.  Kids will be allowed several weeks to complete each challenge.  We will be working on the bible challenge in DIG worship and kids will be able to work on it at home with their parents as well.  There are two components to each challenge:  memorization within the Bible Challenge will be worth $5-10 and a completed Life Application worksheet will earn them the remaining $10-20.  Amounts vary depending on difficulty of challenge.

Sunday School Take-home Sheets:  Each week a Sheet (K-1st) or booklet (2nd-6th) will be sent home that reviews the Bible lesson from Sunday School class that week (sheets are different for every age group).  This is for kids to do at home.  It’s a chance for parents to see what their kids are learning from week to week.  It will have various questions, activities or journal entry to dig a little deeper into the lesson that week.  If the Take Home Sheet is completed and returned the next time in attendance, bible bucks/points will be awarded for activities completed.  Think about the great bonding time families will have discussing the bible and growing in faith together!  A parents involvement is so important to the development of their child’s spiritual walk. 

Download the full Bible Bucks/Branch Points overview here

Download additional information on Branch Points here