Cross Cultural Missions

Cross Cultural Missions (CCM)

Short term - Cross Cultural Missions are available for Christ Members to join in a variety of international locations and types of work. In addition, Christ UMC supports four Cross-Cultural Worker groups around the world.

Cross Cultural Mission Trips (CCMT)

Living Water

Christ Medical Clinics

Cross Cultural Workers

The Drum Family: Spain

Laurie, Billy and Sarah Drum have served as cross-cultural workers with TMS Global since 2006. They served for five years in Peru. They now serve in Spain, working with displaced immigrant peoples, local believers, pastors and ministry leaders. In addition, the Drums serve as counselors, coaches, mentors and trainers for other missionaries as they serve in difficult places around the globe.

Contact: Irene Keating




The Couch Family: Eastern Europe

Karen and Thomas Couch serve as cross-cultural workers, discipling young men and women, mentoring high school and college students, providing leadership to newly forming fellowships, and leading outreach in the local schools through outdoor experiential learning opportunities. Currently they are learning the language and getting adjusted to the culture. The Couches have two daughters, Sarah and Hannah. 

Home Team Contact: Kelli Davis

Communication Contact: Suzanne Segner

Heather Reed: Southeast Asia

Heather Reed currently works as an English teacher in Southeast Asia. During this 11-month journey around the world, she felt God's call to educate others in the English language in order to give them more opportunities in life. She has given a few children scholarships for their schooling, worked with children's shelters, and taught children and adults in her neighborhood. 

Contact: Suzanne Segner

Cheryl Moye: Thailand

Cheryl Moye is a missionary with The Mission Society, and her desire for missions is to build relationships and show Christ's love. She has attended three weeks of training in India and will attend five weeks of MTI training in Colorado in the near future. Cheryl's placement will be Ranong, Thailand, and she will continue training and building her support teams until her departure. The GO Team has provided initial financial support for this process. Cheryl asks for encouragement, prayers for discernment, and support through this new journey.

Home Team Contact: Richard Oates

Communication Contact: Suzanne Segner

Kari & Jason Segner: Uganda

Kari and Jason Segner were led to start Healing Faith after a mission trip to Uganda in 2010. Today they live with their five children in Uganda full time, serving the villages around Jinja. Healing Faith is a ministry that seeks to provide healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the people of Uganda.

Contact: Suzanne Segner


The Ackerman's


Tim and Lani, an ecologist and physician educator, are serving in Asia where they partner with local believers in Nepal. They work in their professions in East Asia while overseeing this Christian Community Development Organization, children's outreach,  and orphanage, which provides free literacy, agriculture, veterinary, and health training and services to thousands of Nepalese.

Contact: The Wilkinsons