Church Has Left the Building


At this time, the COVID-19 virus will not impact the implementation of CHLB scheduled for October, 2020.

Church Has Left the Building (CHLB)

One Sunday a year, members of Christ UMC will go into the community to serve others in a city-wide outreach.

CHLB Resources:

Blessed to Be a Blessing

We are “Blessed to be a blessing” as part of the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12:1-3. Because of our faith in Christ, we have a responsibility to bless the nations as children of Abraham. The Church Has Left the Building (CHLB) is a day to leave the pews of our church and to bless the nations in Brazos County through hands-on service (being the hands and feet of Jesus, 2 Cor. 5:14-21).

We join God in His current mission right here in our own backyard. CHLB provides an excellent opportunity to look for God’s leading and boldly obey Him.

“Don’t do church – Be the church.” We turn our focus to others rather than ourselves by serving side-by-side in our community. Through these actions, God tells us that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will grow in fellowship and spiritual commitment, while demonstrating the love of Christ to our neighbors. CHLB moves us beyond just talking about our faith to putting our faith into action, not as a token or a one day effort, but to help others experience joy through serving and therefore, for service to become part of the DNA of our church and our people.

Meeting needs in the community and sharing the love of Jesus are intricately woven together in CHLB. Instead of just telling our community to come to our church, CHLB is an intentional outreach focus to take the church to the people through acts of service and love. Our faith calls us to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Service is an outflow of loving our neighbors.

CHLB is an opportunity to invite un-churched friends and community members to serve alongside us. Through this unique serving opportunity we hope to develop friendships, engage in spiritual discussions, foster spiritual commitment, and help new believers become fully devoted followers of Christ.


What is CHLB?

Church Has Left the Building (CHLB) is a day when we leave the pews of our church and bless the nations in Brazos County through the hands-on service

(being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, 2 Corinthians 5:14-21.)

What:   Local Missions / Community Service Day

Who:  Christ UMC Members Age 5+

How:  Identifying Community Service Projects Through Brazos County & Go Do Them!

Why:     Reach Out across Brazos County to spread the love of Jesus Christ, Glorify God and engage all Christ UMC Members in local missions.


How Do I Get Involved?

There are two ways to participate in CHLB Sunday; Join a “Big Project” or participate in your current Small Group’s “Small Team Project”.


What Is The Difference Between a Big Project and Small Team Project?

Big Projects are provided for any Christ UMC Member that is currently not in a Small Group, Study Group, Service Ministry, Class or any other group underway at Christ UMC. These projects will involve 20 – 80 Christ UMC Members and provide an opportunity to help many individuals in Brazos County. There are currently 11 Big Projects to review and register for.

Small Team Projects are individual community service projects that have been initiated and planned by the numerous groups underway at Christ UMC (for example Small Groups, current Community Service Ministry, Study Group, etc.). This may even be a family or group of family or friends. 


How Do I Start a Small Team Project?

The first step is for your existing group to decide to do a project. The second step is to determine what your group wants to do as a project. The third step is to nominate your project using the Small Team Project Nomination Form.


Christ UMC will provide up to $400 reimbursement for each Small Team’s project. Your team’s imagination is the limit for what to do, only requirement is to be service oriented and be able to show the love of Christ in your actions.



How Do I Sign Up for a Big Project and What is Involved?

To sign up for a Big Project, simply click here. Information on each Big Project is available along with what will be required of each participant. Big Projects involve relational activities as well as construction related projects. Also included is contact information for the Project Lead, should you have additional questions.


What Do I Need To Bring to Work on a Small Team Project or Big Project?

 All materials and equipment will be provided by the Team Leader, for all scheduled Small Team Projects and Big Projects. Also, lunch, water and toilet facilities will be provided for all activities.


Is Childcare Provided and What is the Minimum Age For My Children?

Childcare will be provided for age 4 and below at Christ UMC Children’s Ministry and Nursery. Childcare Sign-Up is required for a good headcount and for completion of a Medical Release Form. Childcare will open at 8:30 am and close at 2:30 pm. Children in Childcare will be served a pizza lunch and will participate in scheduled children activities.

Children, age 5 and above, should plan to accompany their parents on a “Family Friendly” Big Project or Small Team Project.


What Are Some Ideas for Small Team Projects?

Your team’s imagination is the limit for what project your Small Team undertakes. The only requirement is to be service oriented, be able to show the love of Christ in your actions and ultimately Glorify God!

Some examples (prior permission and arrangements is necessary):

  • collect household goods for a homeless family
  • assemble care packages for Twin City Missions homeless
  • conduct clothing drive for single moms
  • plan a landscaping project for an elderly neighbor
  • write letters and send packages for the troops
  • collect toys and school supplies for homeless shelter
  • neighborhood mowing
  • take flowers to local senior citizen center residents
  • deliver cookies / snacks to elderly neighbors
  • provide cookies to local police and fire fighters
  • set up a children’s library at a local hospital
  • senior citizen center visit / craft / music
  • neighborhood soccer game
  • free washateria day
  • free car washes (at local car wash)
  • minor home repair projects