Sunday School


At the current time most of our Sunday School classes are back on campus and many have the zoom option as well. The seating is safe and socially distanced in rooms that are chemically sanatized upon use.

Check back here for more updates about our discipleship offerings during this season.

Adult Sunday School

A = Annex Building

S = Sanctuary Building

C = Childrens Building

9:30 am

Sanctuary Class - C20; Empty Nesters focusing on Bible-based topics with fellowship; Current Study: "Red Letter" - words of the Gospels, Feb. Lenten Study, then Gospels again 40+; Contact: Julie JohnsonTeacher:  Virgie Nolte

Journey of Faith - C19; Currently studying various Psalms throughout the summer months;  Our class focuses on the Christian life at every age and stage and seeking to apply every subject to our daily Christian walk; 50+;  Contact and Teacher:  Jeanne Beckman

Week by Week - S110; MEETING ON CAMPUS IN PERSON & ONLINE VIA ZOOM; : an array of bible study topics relevant to living the Christian life in these times. age: 60+; Contact: Dottie Scrutchfield, Teacher:  Jeff Savell

Genesis Families - C21; Parents of kids of all ages; MEETING IN PERSON ONLY; Contact & Teachers:  Justin & Katherine Kleemann

Thirst for Purpose - Youth Living Room;  Studying Faith and Family related topics; Parents of teensContact: Lisa McIntyre, Teacher: Stormy Hickman

Christian Collage - S102; MEETING IN PERSON ON CAMPUS & ONLINE VIA ZOOM:  A small, deeply caring church inside a big church;  60+; Current Study:  Comparison of the Four Gospels; Contact: Priscilla Smith, Teacher: Tom Mangum

Friends with Christ - Youth Room; MEETING ON CAMPUS IN PERSON & ONLINE VIA ZOOM; ONLINE CONTACT: Jan Muske; Increasing our understanding of the Bible as we grow and serve in our relationship with God and others; Studying the book of Acts; Intergenerational; Classroom Contact: Tom Taylor, Teacher:  Bill Muske

Women's Disciples - Handbell Room; MEETING ON CAMPUS IN PERSON & ONLINE VIA ZOOM; Current Study: Parables of Jesus and “Scarlet Thread” in Feb-March; Ladies Group; Contact & Teacher: Becky Dean

Faith and Deeds -C18; CURRENTLY MEETING IN PERSON & ONLINE VIA ZOOM; 55+, Contact:  Jim Beard, Teachers:  Rotational Team

Faithbuilders - S109; CURRENTLY MEETING IN PERSON AND ONLINE VIA ZOOM; Currently Studying The Book of Acts. We will embark as serious students on an in-depth study of this detailed account by Luke the physician of the period right after Jesus' resurrection through Paul's last missionary journey decades later. We will provoke and foster deep, challenging discussions of its spiritual teaching and history with PowerPoint slides, compelling video clips and other visuals.  This group strives to improve our spiritual walk, mature our relationships, and promote self-reflection in the context of God's grand plan and kingdom. Couples and single adults of every age are welcome. Teacher/Contact:  Bernie Bernard

11:00 am

Delta Fellowship - S110; MEETING ON CAMPUS IN PERSON & ONLINE VIA ZOOM; Discussion-oriented group studying an array of Bible study and faith questions and seasonal emphasis;   Intergenerational, Singles & Married; Contact & Teacher: Richard Oates

Bible Chicks School Class - S109; Encouraging discussions of life and Scripture; Women of All Ages;  studying “Warrior Women-Deborah” by Bianca Juarez Olthoff Meets first and third Sundays; Contact:  Allison McCulloch