A = Annex Building

S = Sanctuary Building

9:30 am

Sanctuary Class - A108, 40+, Contact: Julie Johnson and Virgie Nolte

Journey of Faith - Annex Fellowship Hall, 50+, Contact: Jeanne Beckman

Week by Week - A96, 65+, Contact: Jeff Savell

Faithbuilders - A110, Intergenerational, Contact: Bernie Bernard

Genesis Families - S110, Parents of kids of all ages, Contact: Justin & Katherine Kleemann

Thirst for Purpose - S109, Parents of teens & Elementary kids, Contact: Lisa McIntyre

Faith and Deeds - S111, 55+, Contact: Sandi & Bill Osters

Christian Collage - S102, 60+, Contact: Tom Mangum

Friends with Christ - Atrium Room, Intergenerational, Contact: Tom Taylor

Women's Disciples - A106, Ladies Group, Contact: Becky Dean

Parents of Young Children - A109, Contact: Suzanne Lanier

11:00 am

Women's Sunday School Class - A102, All Ages, Contact Allison McCulloch for meeting schedule.

Delta Fellowship - S109, Intergenerational, Singles & Married, Contact: Richard Oates