God Size Projects


Implementation of our 2020 God Size Project has been delayed due to the restricted access of the four senior citizen centers we plan to visit. The restricted access inhibits the opportunity for our members to meet with the residents of these senior citizen centers. Plans are still in place to conduct the final week of this program in July, 2020.

God-Size Projects

Each year, Christ UMC will conduct one "God-Size Project" in our community. Projects may include a Habitat for Humanity Build, a home renovation, a new youth area, community garden, etc.

2019 God-Size Project

CHRISTmissions will embark on an exciting journey for the next couple of months!! One that will result in a new home for one lovely and deserving homeowner in Bryan!

A little history, Ms. Maggie has lived in the same mobile home for the past 37 years, where raised her three children now ages 28, 31 & 36, on Bryan's west side.

Her dream has always been to live in a house! About two years ago, while working on an adjacent home repair project, Ms. Maggie walked over and pleaded for help in repairing her home.

One look indicated that her home could not be repaired. The roof leaked, the electrical system was a tangled web of extension cords, the cabinets were propped up with 2X6 board supports, the windows wouldn't close, the floor covering worn to the decking, the exterior siding had shifted and in some cases fallen off ... in other words this house needed to be replaced not repaired!

The recommendation was made to see if she qualified for a Habitat for Humanity home. In the end, she could not afford the minimum, monthly payment. 

CHRIST UMC has answered the call to provide her a home, at no cost to her!!

The home, located at 1710 West MLK Jr. Street, in Bryan, was built in one week with $30,000 in funds from CHRIST UMC through the gracious 2018 Christmas Rail Offering and the CHRISTmissions 2019 "God Size Project" Budget! 

In addition, Christ UMC has partnered with the Brazos County Home Repair Coalition (BCHRC) (a group of local home repair non-profit and governmental organizations) to leverage their services and skills.

And, several local businesses (many of them owned by Christ UMC Members) have willingly come forward to provide their services and donations!!

How can you help?

A God Size Project Sign-Up Page has been developed which describes the anticipated work that will be underway during a specific time and specific date. Each task and time also includes the estimated number of workers needed.

The call is for all CHRIST UMC members and Christ UMC Small Groups to join us in supporting and participating in this exciting outreach event!!

Listed below is the link to the God Size Project Sign-Up Page:


A common concern is "I'm not a builder and I don't know anything about construction!" ... fear not!! All volunteers will be oriented on the work task at hand, be provided the appropriate safety equipment, be provided appropriate tools and material and instruction. You will also be led by a skilled construction team leader.

Other non-building opportunities exist to support the workers on each shift and they are also listed on the God Size Project Sign-Up Page. And this project is considered "family friendly"! Parents should consider the specific task in regards to the age of children on site.

If you have any questions or request, please contact Steve @ CHRISTmissions: 713 447 8066