Church-Wide Study

Join us this Fall as we journey through a study written by Jerry & Jana House called "HEAVEN - What Everyone Ought to Know". We will explore the only real source of truth - the Bible. During this study, we will search the scriptures as we learn more about eternity. We will talk about heaven, hell, what happens when a person dies, and many other questions about life and death that pertain to everyone on this earth. This spiritual journey will start the week of September 8th and will continue for 8 weeks ending the week of October 27th. To get fully involved read below:

Week 1: It Starts with Yes 
Sunday Sermon
Lakeway Sermon
Sermon Postscript
Study Opener
Audio Link to Chapter One
Week 2: Your Very Next Breath
Sunday Sermon
Lakeway Sermon
Sermon Postscript
Study Opener
Audio Link to Chapter Two

Week 3: I Can Only Imagine

Week 4: What About Hell?

Week 5: Then Comes the Judgment



Week 8: Your Personal Invitation

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*If you are participating in Wednesday night UNITE Small Groups and have young children please register for either Nursery (6 weeks to PreK) or GAMELIFE (Kinder-6th).

Prayer Opportunities for the congregation

Church-Wide study Fast

We want to encourage the congregation to fast and pray every Wednesday and Friday from now through the end of the study.  Fast from Sunup to 3:00 Tea Time - This is called the Wesley Fast.

Church-Wide Prayer Walk

We will have a Prayer Walk for our Church-Wide Study. Sunday-Thursday from 7:00 am-7:00 pm, members are encouraged to come walk the loop inside our Sanctuary Building and pray.

Prayer Worship Service

We will have a Prayer Worship Service held in two locations (The Sanctuary and A96) from 6:00-6:30 pm starting September 4th and continuing each Wednesday evening throughout the study.

Battle Plan for Prayer: "Prayer Strategy Targets"