Church-Wide Study

Have you had or heard the following questions before?

  • "I pray to God, but how do I know He actually hears or answers me?"
  • "Most of the time it sounds like silence on the other end of my prayers. Am I the only one who experiences that?"
  • "If God's going to do what He wants to do anyway - then why do I bother asking Him?"
  • "Prayer feels awkward, whether I'm alone, in a group, or with my family. Is it possible that there are too many people for Him to hear at once?"

There isn't anyone who wouldn't agree that our world needs some help right now. That is just one of the reasons that we NEED YOU to join us in the Church-Wide Study called "Talking With Jesus" that will launch Sunday, September 12th.

The schedule for this Church-Wide study is as follows:

Aug. 15 | Sign-up to be in a Small Group begins

Sep. 8 | Church-Wide Fish Fry & last minute Small Group sign-ups

Sep. 12 | Sunday #1 of Talking With Jesus Study - Groups begin meeting

Oct. 17 & 18 | Old Fashioned Tent Revival each evening to end the study. Rev. Terry Teykl preaching and live gospel music with free toe tapping!

Please prayerfully consider forming a new group or circling up your preexisting group, but be sure and invite a new person into the fold. We will be issuing a call for the formation of new groups the 2nd week of August, which is just a few weeks away.

There is not a group or an individual that doesn't need to participate in a prayer focus for at least 6 weeks. "I am too busy NOT to pray," said Martin Luther (loose quote).

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Questions? Contact Jana House

*If you are participating in Wednesday night UNITE Small Groups and have young children please register your child/ren HERE.